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The Healthy Body 90 for Life Challenge is a nutritional plan to kickstart weight loss and energy gain. To start, all you need is the Healthy Body Starter Pak.

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We're here to support and encourage you through this process. YGY Club is a network of lifestyle coaches and individuals who want to support your journey and cheer you on!  We offer a private FB group for additional support as well as weekly live webinar meetings.

Be sure to Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Share your personal health goals and get valuable tips from other members of YGY Club.  You should also connect with our corporate support and Coach Jeevers who offers a weekly conference call, challenges and incentives!

Taking "before" pictures is crucial to documenting your Healthy Body Challenge. Use your phone or device to photograph yourself before you begin. Measuring yourself also is part of tracking your progress. All you need is your weight, your waist measurement, and the date! Click our guide button to get started.

A good place to start is cleansing! A great product for this is the 3 Day Suervo Viv Bronze Cleanse. If cleansing is not for you, other effective products include the Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak and our Slender FX shake.  Download our Daily Nutritional Plan to maximize your weight loss efforts.

The Healthy Body 30 Challenge is about taking control of your own weight and eliminating the feeling of being tired, irritable, or overweight. This everyday struggle can be beat by taking the Healthy Body 30 Challenge. With this plan you can get the energy you need to achieve your weight loss goals!

We know that you may lose your way following this process. Our guidelines will help you select the best groceries to maintain a consistent nutrition plan. Track your personal progress by documenting your eating habits. YGY Club can offer additional support through a network of individuals striving for similar health and weight loss goals.

Here are the simple steps to integrate these healthy habits into your daily life. It's just 30 days to a healthier you!