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Amy joined Youngevity in 2014 solely to focus on photos. But she quickly noticed how the 90 for Life nutrition and Youngevity's essential oils supported her body not only in her daily life but also during and after running, cycling, and gym workouts. The more Amy explored the products and learned more about nutritional deficiencies, inflammatory foods, and chronic disease, the more she wanted to learn. That quest led her back to school, and now, in addition to her role as an educator and cheerleader in our YGY Club Healthy Lifestyle groups, she has a private practice as an integrative health coach.

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Hello! I originally chose a career in pharmacy because I wanted to help people.   In pharmacy school (just like medical school) we are taught that we don’t need supplements – right?  Wrong!  Truthfully, I don’t feel I’m helping much these days – as a society we take more & more medication and just seem to get sicker & sicker.  The Youngevity program has made a big difference for me.  Now my knee doesn’t hurt all the time – and if I do push too hard, I reach for an Essential Oil. I have more energy & sleep better – I’ve lost 16lbs & feel better in my 60s than I did in my 50s!  It’s truly rewarding to be able to help people on their own journey to better health!  I look forward to my new adventure as a health coach - I am 90 for Life!!!!

I have been helping people with their photos for over 20 years.  I was happy to find Youngevity since they have products from the three biggest scrapbook names in the scrapbook industry.  Youngevity keeps acquiring other companies and I love shopping from myself for household goods and teaching others to do the same.  I am most excited though about the healthy lifestyle journey the people in this company are on and how much I am learning.  By taking my 90 essential nutrients, now my joint pain, fatigue and all allergy/asthma symptoms are gone and my husband and I have been able to get rid of a lot of our medicines.   My favorite thing is helping other people and I am so happy to have found this wonderful team to journey through life with.

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Fred and I have so enjoyed being a part of Youngevity. We love the products, the career opportunity and the mission of helping people better their health.  We also love the fact that having our own business allows us time to invest in our families (especially our eight grandchildren!) and in our church community. We also love helping our team members build a business that will enrich their lives as well.

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Our team’s business name is MAGIC Moments. MAGIC is an acronym for Making Action Goals and Inspiring Connections through everyday Moments.  While many of us, like myself, got involved through Memory Keeping and the Heritage Makers brand, we have fully embraced Dr. Wallach’s mission of "90 for Life". His products & plan have giving us game changing results in our health.  Read more on our testimonials page.  

YGY Club is a place where like-minded people can come together and learn how to live an overall healthier lifestyle. We are a network of individuals who have made the conscious decision to incorporate high quality products and services provided by Youngevity.  We focus on staying positive, encouraging and supporting each other, trouble shooting what’s not working and celebrating each other’s successes!  We also offer a social club that interacts with members by sharing nutritional and fitness goals and accomplishments through our many outlets of communication including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Skype and live webinars.  Are you ready to join YGY Club

I have been helping people with their pictures and photo projects for almost 15 years. I started with traditional photos and eventually digital products. As a nurse for over 40 years, I have enjoyed getting healthy with Youngevity products. I am completely off all prescription meds, have lost 20 pounds and have so much more energy! I love offering others a way to get healthy!

I am a Network Marketing Profesional in the Health and Wellness field and Photo Preservation industry. We offer the opportunity for financial stability through connections with a community of home based business owners around the world. I love assisting people by finding health and wellness products through Youngevity's 90 For Life. I provide assistance with photo organization, documenting, and personal publishing through fun and engaging events that inspire others to get their photos off their devices and into your life by making meaningful artistic pieces for family and friends.

Being a part of Youngevity since 2014 has been a blessing in my life. At first, I worked only with the Memory Keeping brands but quickly broadened my focus to include Health & Wellness, Mineral Makeup & Skin Care, Pet Care, Essential Oils and Jewelry. I have found great improvements in my own health using our 90 for Life products and have been able to get off all medications and have completed my first triathlon. The compensation plan at Youngevity allows me the opportunity to volunteer with my dogs as Pet Partner Therapy Teams . I'm also currently working to become a Certified Aromatherapist. Improving lives, both inside and out, is my passion. To accomplish this, I hold weekly Memory Keeping events at my home to help people with photo albums & gifts, monthly Aroma Share Group and one:one appointments for helping people and pets have a healthy life all over. Building a team is also a wonderful part of my business - especially as they achieve their personal and financial goals. Coaching people to a healthy life and strong business is a dream come true. Let's get you healthy - mind, body & soul. I believe in YOU and Youngevity!

I’ve worked in the Memory Keeping industry for over 25 years and am still passionate about helping people celebrate the moments of their life, both every day and milestones.  I offer photo support to my customers and team through my business Facebook page: Photo Solutions Specialist.  While my organization originally started with people focused on photos, we have grown to an international organization who also love health & wellness, essential oils, mineral makeup and more!  Thank you for stopping by YGY Club. We’d love you to join our rapidly growing organization and I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our leadership team. The individuals you will see below are the field leaders within our organization.  Click on their photo to order products from them or join their team.