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I've lost over 60 pounds! I can't even believe I was the person in that green dress. No, it wasn't a quick fix, but I've completely changed my health. I started with the Healthy Body Pak and followed the "Good Foods/Bad Foods List" provided by Dr Joel Wallach. After becoming healthier, I'm now off my prescription Nexium - something my doctor said I would not be able to do! My blood pressure is back to where it was in my 20's! My increased energy comes from my improved health instead of unhealthy soda. My friends & family are now on board to change themselves too!

-AMY H, North Carolina

"I was a Type II diabetic who started on the Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak in 2015 and within 3 weeks I noticed a difference in my breathing.​ I had had asthma since I was born. Within 4 weeks I noticed that I had not used my inhaler nor had an asthma attack.  By the second month on the HBP my blood sugar levels were going down. My doctor said, "I don't know what you are doing, but keep doing it!"  My doctor started reducing my dosage of 7 medications and in less than 6 months I was off ALL medications! My weight dropped drastically too.

I continue on the 90 for Life program ... for LIFE!"

"I went to my doctor's appointment and I'm down a total of 35 lbs. My blood work came back with the doctor's comment of "WOW!! What are you doing?" She also gave me a high five. All my levels are super healthy and she was incredibly impressed! "

"I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Frank and Helen for the business opportunity and their leadership. Oh, and the products are awesome too. They are a big part of my fitness journey and I have lost 43 lbs to date! Thank you Watt family." 


"I was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for the better part of a year, and it was getting progressively worse. I went to an orthopedic specialist and she was scheduling me for surgery. After beginning a 90 for Life regimen I noticed the pain from carpal tunnel disappeared after 2 1/2 months. It was obvious my body was lacking the nutrition from the Osteo Fx.

-Michale D, Virginia

-Maureen F, OREGON

"I'm down 16 pounds AND what's even more exciting is I have been off all of my prescription and over-the-counter meds for allergies and asthma for at least six months. Take that, North Carolina spring pollen and dust! Thanks, Youngevity!"

"Before Youngevity, I had little success with any "diet" I had tried. But since taking the Healthy Body Pack from Youngevity and focusing on giving my body the 90 essential nutritents it needs every day, I now have better health, weight loss and confidence that I have never really had and with this healthier lifestyle I've maintained my weight."

-Barlet W, Pennsylvania

-Carol S, North Carolina

-Ken O, Virginia

-Maria D, Virginia

"I herniated my L5-S1 disk in the Marine Corps in 2002. It eventually forces me to retire after I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. In 2015, the pain became so severe I could barely tie my shoes. That is when I found Dr. Joel Wallach and began taking the Healthy Body Bone & Joint Pack in January 2016. Aside from recovering more energy, my back pain disappeared by April 2016 (3 months)! My orthopedic surgeon remarked that the new MRI on my back didn't show degenerative disk disease anymore. The OsteoFx and the Gluco Gel were amazing!

-Beth N, Maryland